SSD Steps Down

ST. MARYS — After less than six months on the job, the city’s safety-service director is resigning.

Jason Little, who was hired by Mayor Pat McGowan in February, announced his resignation this morning. McGowan told The Evening Leader Little was unable to sell his home in Washington Courthouse and that his wife accepted a teaching position in its school district.

 “We don’t know exactly when he’ll be leaving,” McGowan said this morning. “It could be within the next 45 to 60 days or it could be sooner. We haven’t worked out the details yet.”

Little started work in April at an annual salary of $91,000. McGowan said he plans to start the search for Little’s replacement immediately.

“Sue and I will meet this morning and start the search,” McGowan said. “One of the reasons we went into executive session last night was I tried to notify council and get them to relax the requirements but council was unyielding. They want to stick with the requirements that they have to be an engineer, a PE and have five years of experience. That’s going to limit your pool and also will drive your price up.”

McGowan also commended Little for his service to the city.

“There are things behind the scenes that people wouldn’t see that he did,” McGowan said. “He was bringing the city more into the 21st century. He had some really good ideas, but the guy needs to do what’s best for his family. Luckily for him, his old job is still available and he can move right back into it.”

McGowan said advertisements for the job will be posted across a variety of sources. McGowan also said he is undecided if an interim safety-service director will be appointed in Little’s absence. City Engineer Craig Moeller served as interim safety-service director earlier this year until Little was hired.

“The city is blessed with some great department managers,” McGowan said. “They know their jobs and can do it basically unsupervised. They know what to do and what they need to do to do it. Business will go on as usual.”