SM BOE Cuts An Estimated $1.4M

ST. MARYS — The St. Marys Board of Education met Tuesday night in a special session at the District Service Center, 1445 Celina Road, in St. Marys.

“We’re here tonight to discuss the cuts that will need to be made due to the failure of the levy last week,” President Lisa Tobin said.

The board first went into an executive session to consider personnel matters.

When the board reconvened in regular session, they approved cuts up to $540,000 including mobile learning devices, a pay-to-participate program, state minimum busing, half-time kindergarten, the part-time secretary shared between the primary and intermediate buildings and vocational agriculture.

Brown recommended kindergarten be implemented as half-day, every day.

“I think that having consistency with a child, every day being in the classroom, as opposed to every other day (is better),” board member Ralph Wiley said.

Additional cuts when added to the $540,000, totaled up to $1.4 million. Other cuts included:

•The Virtual Learning Academy

•The elimination of one band director

•Eliminating the library technician at the middle/high school

•Eliminating the part-time secretary at the Central office

• Latin at the high school

•The gifted program

•A Primary School paraprofessional

•A Intermediate School paraprofessional

• Family Consumer Science at the High School

•Part-time DIBELS at the Elementary buildings

•The library technicians at the intermediate and primary buildings

•French at the middle school/high school

•The part-time art instructor at the middle school/high school

• A paraprofessional from both the intermediate and primary schools

• The athletic secretary

There were a few items on the list that were not approved because members of the board had qualms with these specific cuts. One was the probation/truancy officer.

“In my opinion, the safety and security and other duties that he does…far outweigh the other, minor duties that he does. I would wish to move him further down the list, possibly to the next tier of cuts, and keep that position,” board member Brian Little said.

The board tabled this item, as well as the business program at the high school, the middle school and high school secretaries, and the Superintendent’s administrative assistant.