Shoppers Hit Sidewalk Sales

ST. MARYS — Area residents came out on Spring Street to shift through racks of clothing, shoe boxes, books and more during an annual business sale on Friday.

The SummerFest Sidewalk Sales kicked off on Friday, with residents making their way through the various items set out along Spring Street.

“I’m looking for deals,” St. Marys resident Delores Schetter said as she looked through clothing at The Island Shoppe.

She added she tries to make the sale each year.

“I’ve been up here before,” Schetter said. “I go every year.”

She noted she enjoys the annual event.

“I think they’re pretty nice,” Schetter said.

She said she was enjoying the deals she had found so far at the local businesses.

“I’m going to go to most of them,” she said.

Across the street, Leah Strand was looking through clothing at Albert’s Sporting Goods.

“I’m not really looking for anything special,” Leah said.

She noted she hadn’t purchased anything yet from the sales.

“I’m just looking for now,” she said.

Mary Haller also browsed the racks at Albert’s Sporting Goods on Friday.

“I’m looking for clothes,” she said.

Haller noted she is a part-time St. Marys resident.

“I’ve been out here before,” she said of past sales. “I’m from Dayton, but I have a place at the lake.”

Haller said she hadn’t been able to find as many deals this year compared to past years.

“It’s not as good as last year or the year after that,” she said.

Sherry Barga said she was enjoying the sales she had seen, though.

She said she was using the sales as an opportunity to spend time with her family and shop.

“I enjoy the shopping and just spending time together with my daughter and my niece,” she said.

Barga said they have attended the sidewalk sales in the past, and as for what they were searching for this year, she noted the group was looking for the perfect present.

“We’re trying to find a birthday gift for my daughter’s (Shelby Barga) friend,” she said.