Sheriff Warns Of New Scam

ST. MARYS — The county sheriff is warning residents to be aware of a scam that involves someone posing as him looking for money and threatening possible arrest.

Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon said a county resident notified the sheriff’s office Wednesday night regarding a scam that involved a caller with a foreign accent indicating he was “Sheriff’s County Officer Allen Solomon.” The problem with that is Solomon and his deputies are not officers.

“If I am going to be calling people, it’s going to be by saying, ‘This is Sheriff Al Solomon or the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office,’” Solomon told The Evening Leader. “We are not officers, we are deputies.”

After identifying himself as Solomon, the caller instructed the resident to contact an attorney and supplied them with a number. That number was out of the area.

“The perpetrator of this scam attempts to instill fear in the person he is calling by telling them if they do not comply with these directions that a warrant will be put out for them,” Solomon said in a news release. “The caller ID showed that the call came from the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office phone number of 419-739-6565. There are services available that allow someone to create a fictitious caller ID when they contact someone by telephone.”

Solomon encouraged residents who feel they may be the target of a scam to contact his office or their local police department.

“My concern is they are telling people you need to contact an attorney and as soon as they get you on the other line, they are asking for payment,” Solomon told the newspaper. “They could be getting credit card numbers and checking account numbers and that’s a concern. The main thing to remember is if someone is asking for this information, call us.”