Scholarship Remembers MHS Student

ST. MARYS — A local entrepreneur, known for his lemonade stands and custom lawnmower, is being remembered with a scholarship fund in his name that will be available to Memorial High School students.

The family of Dylan Everage and the St. Marys Community Foundation have teamed up to create the Dylan Everage Memorial Scholarship Fund in honor of the Memorial High School freshman who passed away earlier this year. Dylan’s mother, Cara Everage, said school was something that was important to Dylan.

“He always loved going to school,” she said.

The family chose to set up the fund in Dylan’s name and plan to award the first scholarship to a Memorial High School senior in 2015, Dylan’s class. Everage noted the scholarship will be awarded to a senior who plans to pursue college or technical training.

“There really aren’t any requirements,” she said. “Everyone is eligible. It doesn’t matter what their grade point average is. The only actual requirement is that they have at least one year of art, music, choir or band.”

She noted that she did not want to focus on grade point average as a requirement and is looking for a student that did the best they could in high school.

“It didn’t matter what their grade point average was because we really want somebody that’s tried their hardest,” Everage said. “Someone that has overcome obstacles and they still managed and they figured it out.”

The family is planning to continue raising money for the Dylan Everage Memorial Scholarship Fund with a tent during SummerFest.

“We have a tent that is going to be set up in the front yard of the Armory during all three days of SummerFest,” Everage said. “We’ll be selling T-shirts, and Dylan constantly did lemonade stands, so we’re also selling lemonade. One hundred percent of all the proceeds will go toward the scholarship.”

Selling lemonade to raise money for the fund, Everage said, seemed natural.

“We thought selling the lemonade would be fitting because that was his thing,” she said. “He’s an entrepreneur.”

In addition to buying T-shirts and lemonade during SummerFest, donations may also be made to the St. Marys Community Foundation to benefit the Dylan Everage Scholarship Fund.

“Any support we get would be great,” Everage said.

She said the fund needs to raise at least $5,000 to get started.

“Before you’re fully invested, you have to have $5,000, so $5,000 and beyond would be amazing,” she said.

Everage said she hopes to see the fund support Memorial High School students for years beyond the class of 2015.

“Absolutely,” Everage said of if the scholarship fund will aid students beyond the class of 2015. “That’s the goal. Once you reach the $5,000 initial investment, it will continue forever.”

Tax free donations to the scholarship fund may be sent to the St. Marys Community Foundation, c/o Dylan Everage Scholarship Fund, 146 E. Spring St., St. Marys, Ohio, 45885.

For more information about the St. Marys Community Foundation, visit