Riders Learn Earth Lessons

ST. MARYS — Students in Jill Rothe’s kindergarten class have been learning about Earth Day and recently finished projects associated with Sunday’s holiday.

Rothe’s kindergarten students put together posters with the saying:

“Water, water in the air

Water, water everywhere.

Do not waste it

Keep it clean.

Water helps keep our earth green.”

Underneath the saying, the posters feature a handprint on planet Earth.

“We colored the earth,” Michael Lord noted on Friday.

After they finished coloring, the students cut out their planets.

“We cut it out and we put it on the paper,” Cody Wallace said.

“We had to glue it on,” Michael added.

From there, the students used green paint to add their own personal touch.

“We painted our hand,” Ashlyn Rush said.

After putting their handprint on the earth, the students had to write.

“We had to glue the paper on and we had to write the words,” Michael said.

The students said Rothe showed them the saying to write — and they had to fill in certain words, incorporating another one of their lessons.

“We had to write handy words,” Cody said.

The students listed the handy words in the saying: In, the, not and it. They noted the word “green” that they filled in was not one of their handy words.

“They’re sight words,” Ashlyn said, explaining handy words and noting a few more, such as “him” and “her.”

The students noted the saying on their posters and that it had to do with Earth.

“We did this project because it’s almost Earth Day,” Ava said.

Earth Day, Michael said, is about cleaning up the earth.

“It’s for the earth and cleaning up the earth,” he said.

Also for Earth Day, the students read “Earth Day — Hooray” by Stuart J. Murphy, and they noted what they learned from the book.

“It talked about the earth and the people who take care of the earth is us,” Cody said. “And it talked about picking up trash.”

Ava noted the characters in the book made a lot of money in the end.

“The people in the book picked up 5,000 cans and won some flowers,” Cody added.

Alexus added a lesson that she learned from reading the book.

“We learned about recycling,” she said.

Ava added why she believes Earth Day should be celebrated.

“To get the Earth clean,” she said.