Rider Works Hard On Field

ST. MARYS — St. Marys Roughrider senior Trent Wale’s passion for football is clear with every game that passes this season.

Wale, who plays varsity for the Roughriders, has been playing since he was 9.

“I’ve always loved football and have always wanted to play,” he said.

His grandfather and uncle played football in college, and Wale had a love for the game instilled in him early. Wale said he remembers being one of the smallest kids in the 9 to 12-year-old league he was first in, and it was hard playing against kids who were both bigger and older than him. In this league, he started out playing tight end, but now plays defensive end on the varsity team. It is his second year playing varsity, and his favorite part is just the good feeling he gets from playing football and having all the fans in St. Marys cheering for his team.

Their most recent loss against their biggest rival, Celina, was very disappointing, Wale said.

“We held a close game through halftime, but we kind of slipped away,” he said.

His sophomore year the varsity team did beat Celina, which he likes thinking back on now.

“Beating Celina was big,” he said.

Wale’s goal for his last year playing football for Memorial High School is to close out the season with a few wins. He emphasized the team’s hard work and heart when playing but said that they need to eliminate mistakes during games.

Wale’s favorite memory from the four years he has spent playing for the Roughriders are of the talent shows during two-a-day practices. The sophomores show off their talents for the upperclassmen during breaks, and he likes thinking back on the stories that were told. He will miss the camaraderie he had with his teammates the most after graduation.

Even through the losses and disappointment, Wale said he is still glad to be playing and has learned a lot from the sport, including accountability, responsibility and teamwork.