Rider Looks To Future

ST. MARYS — This school year, Memorial High School senior Faith Ann Sharpin will no longer work at Subway but will be gaining business and pharmacy experience.

Sharpin will be in the DECA program at MHS and has a new job as a sales associate at Schwieterman Pharmacy. Sharpin said her duties will vary, but she loves the people she works with and gets along with everyone there. In the afternoons, Sharpin will deliver medications to peoples’ houses or to Otterbein. Her other duties include answering the phone, scanning peoples’ medications, and working the cash register.

“It’s a big change, but I definitely love it a lot more,” she said.

After high school, Sharpin said she wants to become a pharmaceutical representative.

“You just go around to different doctors in your local area and talk about different medicines for different diseases and stuff like that and give them ideas about what the future holds for medicines,” Sharpin said.