Resident Asks About Pool Heater

NEW BREMEN — Members of an area swim team packed the New Bremen Village Council chambers during council’s meeting to discuss the temperature of the pool.

Donna Schmitmeyer with the New Bremen Swim and Dive Team questioned councilors on the apparent low temperatures of the pool water during the council meeting Tuesday evening.

“I know we can’t control the outside temperature, but our biggest question was if we have a heated pool, why aren’t we heating it,” she asked, noting she had been “told by many people different things.” “One big thing we were told was that it was too expensive to heat, and so we were not going to use it.”

Schmitmeyer said she brought up the issue to Mayor Jeff Pape who said that it “absolutely should not be an issue.” She noted with the leak the pool had in the past, it was expensive and it was difficult to control, but the leak should be fixed and the water temperature should be maintained at a certain level of comfort.

“The biggest thing is just that we thought we weren’t going to use the heater because we’ve been told it was too expensive to use the heater, and we wondered why we had a heated pool if we’re not going to use the heater,” Schmitmeyer said. “Since then, we’ve been told it was a mistake and it was supposed to be on and it wasn’t turned on. I don’t know.”

Council President Don Kuck noted after he spoke with Schmitmeyer earlier this month, he went and checked the pool and consulted with Water Treatment Superintendent Greg Dennings.

“The heater out there is set at 80 degrees, it does work, and it has been on,” he said, noting the heater is on from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the times the heater is on can be changed. “When I saw the gauge, the water is coming out at 90 degrees, and that’s a big area of water ... It depends on the weather, that’s the issue.”

Pool Manager Molly Burnell noted there is an LCD screen in the pump room that shows the water temperature, which is usually in the 70-degree range.

“That’s not saying there may be a cooler spot, but that’s the average for the entire pool,” Kuck added. “Where Molly takes a reading is accurate to the water flow.”

After more discussion, councilors decided on contacting Dennings to move up the start time for the heater for 5 a.m. or 6 a.m., depending on the weather.

“All we can do is try and see what it does and move from there,” Councilor John Schwartz said.

Sandy Meyer with the team also presented a list of suggestions relating to the pool to councilors.

The suggestions included adding umbrellas in the grassy area, having the pool open until 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. the Saturday of Bremenfest, updating the check-in/entry system so there aren’t as many people at the pool getting in without paying, questioning why the pool closes at 5 p.m. on Sundays and painting the twisty slide. Councilors said they would look into the issues.

The councilors also told the members of the team they are purchasing a new speaker system for the pool.

Also relating to the pool, Burnell gave a list of all the updates at the grounds and a list of what would need work in the near future.

In other business, Kuck also noted the Rotary Sunshine Playground dedication will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Bremenfest Park.

Schwartz stressed the village yard waste facility is for yard waste only.

In other business, councilors

• Approved the use of the Crown Pavilion and liquor permits for the Fireman’s Picnic and Bremenfest.

• Voted down the third reading of an ordinance establishing no parking on the north side of Monroe Street between Washington and Water streets. Councilor Dennis Burnell noted council wanted to wait until construction on the former Fireside Pub to be finished before revisiting the issue.

• Passed a resolution to accept and award the bids for the 2012 street resurfacing program.

• Passed the first reading of an ordinance to amend Section 93.5 of the New Bremen Code of Ordinances to exclude properties in the A-1 Agricultural Zone.

The next meeting of the New Bremen Village Council will be at 6:30 p.m. June 26 at the municipal center.