New Knoxville Talks Gym

NEW KNOXVILLE — Talks of renovating the gymnasium at New Knoxville Local School are ongoing, and board members plan to seek community input in the coming months, New Knoxville Board of Education President Phil Kuck said Tuesday night at the board’s monthly meeting.

Kuck said board members heard a slew of options for the gymnasium from Garmann/Miller & Associates — the same company that handled the district’s renovation.

“They brought a couple drawings to the table,” he said. “We’ve got four or five theories that we’d like to present to people, ranging from a small renovation of the existing to maybe a new gym.”

Kuck said the board plans to hold a community meeting in the near future to discuss the district’s options and to get a feel for what the community members want to do regarding the project.

“We’d like to bring it to the table and show everybody the drawings,” Kuck said. “It’s just a lot of theory right now, a lot of budget numbers based on square footage. We’re trying to see what the community wants to do or doesn’t want to do. We’d like to at least get the word out there and see if this is something the public wants to do.”

Superintendent Kim Waterman said the board discussed its options at a work session on April 17.

“We just discussed the preliminary drawings of what we could do with our big gym and where do we go from here,” Waterman said.

“We had a lot of discussion about our needs, our concerns, our wants. We were able to place numbers with drawings to better understand what we’re actually looking at — what are our possibilities. It is our goal to have an open meeting in the next couple of months.”

In her report to the board, Waterman also noted the district’s work on its Race to the Top initiative. During the April 4 two-hour delay, the staff learned about formative instructional practices (FIP). Waterman noted the four components to FIP.

“It’s a big picture of everything we’ve been doing — it’s not something totally new,” she said. “You’ve heard us talk about learning targets, you’ve heard us talk about collecting the evidence to show what the students are learning, being able to provide that feedback and actually having the students have some ownership of their learning. It’s another thing that’s powered by Race to the Top.”

In her report to the board, New Knoxville Principal Linda Tebbe said students will have the opportunity to take AP calculus starting next school year. She noted the course will be available to students because of the work of New Knoxville Mathematics Teacher Jon Stammen.

“He (Stammen) went through some paperwork, submitted his syllabus for his current class, the textbook we use and that kind of stuff, and he submitted an application to be legally considered an AP course,” Tebbe said, noting that students enrolled in advanced math II will see the course show up as AP calculus on their transcript. “I appreciate his efforts in jumping through those hoops to get that certified.”

Volunteers were honored last week in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, Tebbe said.

“We handed out ‘Our Volunteers Rock’ pins — going along with the ROCK theme going on this year,” Tebbe said, noting that pins were handed out to volunteers that were at the school last week.

“I know there are volunteers that we missed — ones that helped with COSI day, book fairs, additional tutoring and class aides. If you know any volunteers that did help out but weren’t here last week, we have a pin waiting for them.”

Board members met in executive session to discuss personnel, and no action was taken when they reconvened in regular session.

In other business, board members:

• Approved the meeting’s agenda.

• Approved the March 26 meeting minutes.

• Approved the March financial report.

• Approved a list of teaching contracts, non certificated contracts, non-renewal of non-certificated contracts and supplemental employment contracts. Board Member Brian Lammers abstained.

• Approved a motion to move the May Board of Education meeting from May 28 to May 21.

• Treasurer Marcia Wierwille noted the terms regarding the gift cards for the Kroger Technology Fund are changing on May 1. For details on how to continue to help the school’s technology fund through shopping at Kroger, contact the school.

The next regular meeting of the New Knoxville Board of Education will be held at 7 p.m. May 21 in the media center.