New Card Joins Classroom

NEW BREMEN — Tess Moeller, of Chickasaw, says teaching in city schools, while never the environment she saw herself in long-term, taught her that the less students had the more they needed their teachers.

“The kids didn’t have as much home support,” Moeller said. “Knowing they felt the safest and most loved when they came to school made me know what an impact teachers can have on students.”

A graduate of the Marion Local and the University of Toledo, Moeller has a degree in middle childhood education with concentrations in math and language arts. She has a master’s degree from Marygrove College, and is in her ninth year of teaching and her first year at New Bremen High School, where she’ll teach fifth grade math.

“When I was in high school English, my teacher Miss Yates was in her first year of teaching and she had so much enthusiasm,” Moeller said. “She taught me to think deeply, more critically, and make a difference.”

Moeller’s goal has always been to teach near where she grew up, helping students have light bulb moments. Starting the new year, Moeller said she wasn’t nervous, but she was excited, especially with this year’s focus on developing the character of her students.

“Truly, in addition to having all that knowledge, it’s important to teach that what you’re like on the inside is as important,” she said listing the positive qualities the school is developing. “All these things you can’t really see looking at them. It’s what they can do that makes a difference.”

Moeller said her husband, Ben, and two girls, Delaney and Jayda, keep her on her toes. She said she was excited to help kids have light bulb moments in the classroom, and those build on a foundation of relationships.

“Students don’t care how much we know unless they know how much we care,” Moeller said.