Murder Probe Continues

CELINA — Investigators continue their investigation into the murders of a father and daughter in November.

In a news release, Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey said detectives and agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation are sorting through evidence pertaining to the homicide of Robert and Colleen Grube that occurred in their rural Fort Recovery home on Nov. 29 or 30.

Detectives and agents have recently conducted 17 interviews, bringing the total of interviews to nearly 90 people.  Fifteen new tips were followed up on bringing the total tips followed up on to 73. 

Seventeen new court orders/subpoenas were requested and issued bringing the total to 63. 

One additional search warrant was issued bringing the total to 11 and 17 new pieces of evidence were recovered.

Some final lab reports are starting to come in on evidence that was submitted to them and some preliminary information is still coming in from the labs.

“Murder has no statute of limitations, so we are gathering everything possible to help solve the crime now, in the event it is not solved in the immediate future, we need to have all the information to be utilized later,” Grey said in the release.

“It is important to solve this case, but we have to ensure that we get it right.

It is important to make an arrest, but we must be able to get a conviction, and we have to be absolutely certain we have the right offenders.”

Grey said there are a few details investigators know for certain:

• Colleen Grube was last seen alive shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29.

• Colleen and Robert Grube were found deceased by a family member bound with duct tape and shot at approximately 9 a.m. Nov. 30.

• Investigators have narrowed the time of the incident to a two-hour window

• Investigators have developed information that at least one male and one female offender were present at the time

• Missing from the scene is a laptop computer

At the present time investigators are reviewing thousands of pages of information that has been recovered during the investigation.

Grey also noted the Grube investigation led to information that was turned over to the Darke County Sheriff’s Office that resulted in a raid on a meth lab at a Darke County on Jan. 3.

An additional stolen vehicle was recovered near Mendon as a result of the same information. 

The original information came to Mercer County from the Jay County (Indiana) Sheriff’s Office. The three sheriff’s offices and Ohio BCI&I worked together to share the information.