Money Taken From Homes

CELINA — The Celina Police Department has received three reports over the last 10 days of money being stolen from homes in the residential area between East Wayne Street. In each of the cases cash money was taken from purses or other locations inside the home. 

There were no signs of forced entry and nothing else was disturbed. The other common denominator is that all of the victims were outside doing lawn work around the time that the thefts occurred. The police department believes that someone is targeting homes while the owners are busy working in the yard.  Residents are urged to keep an eye on their neighborhoods for suspicious activity and keep their homes secure, even while working in the yard. 

It takes only a few seconds to enter a home, and once inside a thief can search through the house for cash and valuables while keeping an eye on to the homeowner who is working outside.  Anyone that believes they may have information concerning these thefts on North Ash Street, Clover Lane or Canterbury Drive is urged to contact the Celina Police Department at 419-586-2345.