Love Keeps Couple Together

ST. MARYS — Billy Felver may only have the top quarter of his heart left working properly, but he’s given the whole thing to Paula Green.

In front of a crowd of friends at the Auglaize County Council on Aging last Sunday, Felver proposed to Green impromptu, without hesitation, after she gave him a ring and dared him to do it.

“Her face turned real red,” Felver said. “She’s a real sweet, nice kid, lovable. We hit it off right off the bat.”

Green said the couple met at the Auglaize County Council on Aging, and she remembers the first words he spoke to her.

“Here you go, merry Christmas,” she said.

“And he handed me a plate of food.”

The couple will not to wed, however, instead opting to be engaged the rest of their lives.

The couple said finances will not allow them to get married.

“Thanks to the government, we can only be engaged,” Green said.

If they married, they’d have to give up benefits that would result in them both having to pay out of pocket for medications.

Felver’s medication currently runs more than $400 per month, while Green’s is more than $200.

“We both checked into it,” Felver said. “There’s no way.”

Green offered a way for the couple to get married, however.

“If we would win the lottery, we’d get married tomorrow,” Green said.

“You know, the Mega Millions? But we don’t play the lottery.”

Felver’s heart problems don’t keep him from dancing, however.

“He can dance,” Green said.

“Oh, he’s a dancer and a half. Like Fred Astaire and all them in one.”

For a couple in a different generation, Green said living together without marriage might be acceptable, but not for them.

“We’re the Bible-believing type,” Green said. “We wouldn’t live together.”

So the couple conducts their relationship as a long, extended engagement.

They attend family events together, know each other’s children and talk on the phone. Green said the other day they spent 20 minutes on the phone together, then sent 58 texts back and forth.

“It’s just love, a tingling sensation around the heart,” Green said. “Love, love, love.”

Felver agreed he loves Green enough to marry her, but thinks it’s worth it to continue dating her the rest of their lives.

“For the rest of our lives,” Green said. “Unless there’s a miracle.”