LIA Eyes Membership

CELINA — The Lake Improvement Association’s membership drive is in full swing, as the group is working to expand to 2,012 members this year.

“I am very happy to report that the membership is running well ahead of last year’s pace, so the effort that everyone is putting forward is working,” LIA Trustee Dave Eyink said. “We’ve got a lofty goal this year, we want to get 2,012 members this year, which is substantially more than we had last year.”

A perk will be given to those who buy or renew a membership by May 31, LIA Vice President Mark Piening said.

“If you get your memberships in by May 31, we will mail you the discount card,” Piening said, noting the cards will be distributed by mail in mid June.

Piening called on LIA members to help bring more members to the group.

“If we need to get to 2,012, we can’t do it by ourselves,” he said. “We need your help. I’m asking that everybody bring an application to your neighbor ... We really need your help.”

Work on the Windy Point beach renovation, Piening said, is scheduled to begin this week.

“The Windy Point renovation will start this week, and we’re hopefully going to have that done by the end of next week,” he said.  

Piening noted members are working on a sign to be placed on the beach when the renovation is completed.

The renovation project, he noted, spurred from the interest of a few area residents who wanted a beach on the south side of Grand Lake St. Marys.

“Stan and Dave went out there (to Windy Point) and said the beach is still there, we just need to remove the rip-rap and put some beach sand in there,” he said. “All that rip-rap will be taken out, excavated back. The rip-rap will run about 180 feet north, and the rip-rap will be put in the old beach on the east side, to the north of the point. We’re going to come back about 20 feet from the shore for the sand.”

Grand Lake St. Marys State Park Manager Brian Miller thanked LIA members for the restoration of the beach.

“I think it’s a great idea,” he said. “Taking that to the next step, I really appreciate it.”

He noted he is looking into making the beach a boater’s beach as well.

“One other thing I thought about is that would make, possibly, a good boater’s beach in the future,” Miller said, noting he will have someone out to check it. “If it looks like it has the potential to make a good boater’s beach, we’ll discuss it.”

Also on the south side of Grand Lake St. Marys, Miller noted, a boathouse is in the works for the Montezuma Fire Department.

“There’s a new boat slip that’s going in there (near Windy Point), and that’s actually going to be a boathouse for the Montezuma Fire Department,” Miller said. “The Montezuma Fire Department has had a boat for many years now. Basically, it sits in a trailer at the station, so their response time — it takes them a while to get hooked onto it and get it in the water.”

He noted the boathouse will cut down the crew’s response time.

“They wanted to get it readily available, so they’re building a boathouse there on state park property,” he said. “It was a partnership with the state park.”

Miller also noted that work on Grand Lake St. Marys continues, as all three dredges are out working and rough fish removal is ongoing. The alum treatment, he said, has been completed.

In other business, members:

• Heard the officers’ reports.

• Noted upcoming events, including the Bar Stool Open on Aug. 11 and the fishing derby on Sept. 13.

• Heard an update on Lake Restoration Commission fundraising efforts from LIA President Tim Lovett.

The next regular meeting of the LIA will be held at 10 a.m. June 2 at the Celina Moose Lodge.