Lake Test Results

ST. MARYS — The following results are from the latest round of testing conducted on samples from Grand Lake St. Marys (previous results are in parenthesis). Figures are in parts per billion for microcystin.

• Near Intake: 23 (32.2)

• East Beach: 10 (20.3)

• West Beach: 10.8 (37.8)

• Camp Beach: 15.5 (15.9)

• Windy Point: 13 (14.2)

Note: The state revamped the way it notifies the public of the changing advisories by to a color-coded system for signs. An orange sign means a “recreational public health advisory” is in effect. Those signs will warn individuals who are elderly, are very young or people with compromised immune systems that swimming and wading is not recommended.

A red sign means a “no contact advisory” is in place. These signs will warn people that unsafe toxins are present in the water and contact should be avoided.

Residents can keep up-to-date on toxin levels and current advisories by visiting