Group Offers Head Huggers

ST. MARYS — A group of residents in a two-county area are getting their creative juices flowing and creating items to help others.

St. Marys resident Samantha DuVernay recently put together Head Huggers of Auglaize and Mercer Counties to provide hats for those who have lost their hair.

“Whatever they create has to be handmade,” DuVernay said.

“It can be crochet, knit — we will sew mostly hats for people who have lost their hair due to illnesses.”

Once the members create their items, the items will be distributed locally.

“We’re going to try to donate to places locally,” DuVernay said, adding the items created could vary in the future depending on the needs of residents. “We’ll ask around and see what the need is — maybe there’s a need for prayer shawls and hats. We’ll see what the need is and meet that need, basically.”

DuVernay said she was inspired to put together the group after learning about a group of women who create hats and donate them to hospitals.

“There’s actually a group of ladies my husband works with at Cargill,” she said.

“They get together every three months or so.”

That group, DuVernay added, donates to a hospital in Columbus.

“They knit and crochet hats for a hospital in Columbus that one of the ladies in the group is affiliated with,” she said. “I went there and volunteered, and it got me thinking.”

DuVernay noted she has been personally affected by family members who have had cancer.

“It made me think about the people in my life and made me think I could put something together here,” she said.

“There’s a lot of people out there who wanted to help out.

No matter where you look, someone has been affected by cancer one way or another.”

To join Head Huggers of Auglaize and Mercer Counties, people can find the group’s page on Facebook or contact DuVernay at

“Anyone can come help our cause,” DuVernay said, noting she’s had approximately 25 people join so far.

“If they can’t sew, they can donate yarn. Right now, not everyone knows how to do it, but we are willing to teach people. Anyone can help out.”

DuVernay noted her goal is to get everyone together as a group once a month.

“They can bring what they’ve made,” she said. “We’ll then wash and distribute everything to where ever we decide to donate to.”