Fundraiser Offers Choice To Donate Pizza

ST. MARYS — A local parents’ organization is running a fundraiser for the second time, with residents also given the option to donate what they purchase to help locals in need.

The St. Marys Band Parents Organization is again running its pizza fundraiser, which it debuted earlier this year.

“We ran this last spring, and a family called us and said they couldn’t purchase pizzas for themselves because of allergies,” St. Marys Band Parents Organization member Dawn Pietrzak said. “They asked if they could donate their purchased pizzas to Agape.”

Agape Ministries Director Kathy Bayless was open to the suggestion.

“The brilliance and simplicity of this was phenomenal,” Bayless said.

Pietrzak noted the fundraiser is a win-win for both parties involved.

“Our feeling is your family can enjoy a pizza and you can help another family in need,” she said.

The proceeds from the fundraiser go toward band trips, equipment and uniforms.

“It’s a win-win-win situation,” Bayless said.

Pietrzak said her children are looking forward to the fundraiser because they enjoyed the pizzas purchased earlier this year.

“They’re freshly made,” she said. “Villa Nova supplies all the ingredients and the band parents assemble them that morning.”

This year, pizzas can be picked up from 10:30 a.m. until noon Sept. 17 in the high school commons room. Once picked up, the pizzas can be either baked or frozen.

“Last year, the bus drivers’ union, they contributed $500, which was $80 pizzas,” Bayless said. “The clients were just so overwhelmed and appreciative.”

She noted Agape has the freezer capacity to store pizzas for their clients.

“It’s not something they get a lot, it’s a treat,” Bayless said. “If you’re going to buy one for your family, please buy one for a family in need. This is a wonderful, a brilliant idea. The lady who came up with this is amazing.”

There are three different 12-inch pizza options to order: $5.50 for a cheese pizza, $6 for a pepperoni pizza and $6.50 for a deluxe pizza, which includes sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms.

“They can order at any time,” Pietrzak said. “We have to have the orders in by Sept. 2.”

Residents can order pizzas from any band student, or by calling the band directors at the high school at 419-394-4011 extension 1696 or 419-394-4011 extension 1697.

“They can leave a voicemail, and someone will call them back to take the order,” Pietrzak said.

New for this fundraiser, she said, is the option of e-mailing an order at To donate a pizza to Agape, participants can just note it when they order, Pietrzak said.

“It’s local, everything is from Villa Nova,” she said. “To me, it’s just a win all the way around.”

Bayless echoed her comments.

“This is a good cause, a good cause for everybody,” Bayless said. “It’s marvelous.”