District to Auction Items

ST. MARYS — Residents will have the opportunity to bid on and possibly take home former St. Marys City Schools items as part of an auction set for next week.

On Saturday, the district will conduct an auction in the grassy area south of the St. Marys Intermediate School track beginning at 10 a.m.

“The auction will be conducted by Dennis Kohler Auction Service,” St. Marys City Schools Business Manager Kurt Kuffner said. “Dennis has conducted these smaller type equipment/furnishings auctions in the past for the Wapakoneta City Schools. The Band Parents Organization will be operating a food stand at the auction as a fundraiser.”

He noted the district hasn’t conducted a surplus property auction since before the demolition of the former high school-junior high building on South Street.

“We have equipment that we probably should have auctioned off in 2010 but did not because we really were not sure, at that time, whether we would need it and use it in the new school facility,” Kuffner said. “For example, we have a lot of overhead projectors to be auctioned off. We had retained these projectors as we were not sure about the teacher’s need for them with the new EnoBoards in the classrooms. Our teaching staff has become very comfortable now with the new technology, so we can now offer the 1970’s era technology for sale at the auction.”

Kuffner described the items as “a lot of miscellaneous stuff,” including folding chairs, student desks, student chairs, PA speakers, assorted athletic equipment, old two-way radios from the district’s school bus fleet.

Kohler’s sales flyer notes the items also include two Logan and two South Bend 36 inch lathes, a Rockwell 10 inch Uni saw table saw, a Delta 10 inch table saw with extensions, teachers’ desks, library carts, video cameras, cart carriers, folding chairs, wall cabinets, waiting room chairs, wood library tables, spot lights, file cabinets, gymnasium pads, gymnasium speakers, chain link fencing, a 4 foot by 10 foot cart, 6 foot folding tables and more. The terms include cash or check with proper identification.

Unlike the auction at the former high school, Kuffner said he anticipates that there will be just one ring going around during Saturday’s auction.

Kuffner noted that pursuant to St. Marys City Schools Board of Education policy, the business manager has to review the property of the district periodically and to dispose of that material and equipment that is no longer necessary to meet the educational or operational needs of the district, and the business manager is authorized to dispose of obsolete property by selling it to the highest bidder.

The items that do not sold could be scrapped.

“Items not sold that have scrap value will probably be taken to Omni Source,” Kuffner said.

By offering an auction, it enables residents to utilize something that the district no longer has use for.

“This allows community members to purchase something they may have a use for, rather than us just loading it all in a roll-off container and taking it to a landfill,” Kuffner said. “The offerings at this auction do have value to the right bidder.”