Council OKs Tax Deal

MINSTER — On Tuesday, the Minster Village Councilors approved an emergency ordinance to enter into an enterprise tax agreement with Advanced Plastic Recycling/Dirksen Properties LLC.

Advanced Plastic is planning a 10,800 square foot addition to their current building on N. Garfield Street, which will cost the company between $290,000 and $320,000 to construct.

Village Administrator Don Harrod said the company has asked for a tax abatement.

“They are committed to creating three-to-five new jobs over the next two or three years,” Harrod said.

Harrod said the enterprise zone committee has recommended that the village enter into a five-year, 50 percent real property tax abatement agreement with Plastic Recycling/Dirksen Properties LLC.

“They have also asked that Advanced Plastic Recycling compensate the local school board in lieu of the lost tax dollars because of the exemption,” Harrod said, noting the company has agreed to donate $6,675 back to the school over the next six years on an enterprise donor agreement.

“I’ve done this also by an emergency ordinance. I know Advanced Plastics is interested in getting started as soon as possible. In order to approve this, we have to approve it first and then take it to the county commissioners and then to the state of Ohio before they can begin construction on it. So we’re trying to sneak up that process and help them out as much as possible.”

The next major issue involved a discussion about potentially opening an alley east of St. Augustine Church and the former elementary school building. The alley was closed in 1998 because of concerns regarding the safety of the elementary students.

“With the closing of the elementary school, I’m not sure we need to continue to have it closed,” Harrod said. “I did talk to Brenda Boeke from the schools. She indicated that she has no problem with it being opened since they’re not using that building anymore.”

Playground equipment near the former elementary school is located on property owned by the church and Mayor Dennis Kitzmiller said he would like to receive the church’s approval before moving forward with any potential opening.

It was brought up that a public hearing should take place to discuss the matter, and Harrod agreed to hold a public hearing in the council chambers at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 6.

In his administrator’s report, Harrod said Brumbaugh Construction has completed the prep work for the curbs and gutters on the south side of Fourth Street, while the curbs and gutters were installed by Oglesby Construction. Other work continues to progress on the Fourth Street reconstruction, including additional concrete, electrical and telephone work.

“Everything’s hopefully falling into place here,” Harrod said. “The curb and gutter that Oglesby poured so far looks great.”

Harrod noted the concrete that was removed from Fourth Street will be ground up by Fryman and Kuck and used in the second phase of the reconstruction.

The village has started its annual testing of all three-phase commercial and industrial electrical meters.

“(They’re) testing to make sure that they are calculating right, for our benefit and also for the benefit of the customer,” Harrod said, noting that it takes about two to three weeks complete.

to test all of the meters.

The parks department is assisting the school with removing wood mulch located under the playground equipment on Seventh Street. The wood mulch will be replaced by rubber mulch.

Harrod also mentioned that the village has started painting street markings, including curbs around fire hydrants and no parking zones throughout the village.

Councilors also approved $724,059.15 in invoices.

The next Minster Village Council meeting will be held at 6:45 p.m. Sept. 6 with a public hearing regarding the potential opening of the alley east of St. Augustine Church and the former elementary school building to be held at 6:30 p.m.