COSI on Wheels Makes Stop in New Bremen

NEW BREMEN — Students at New Bremen Elementary got a hands-on experience with chemistry on Friday, as students enjoyed a visit from COSI on Wheels.

This year’s program, It’s Simply Chemistry, began with a morning assembly with the entire school.

“We started off the day with an assembly, and we had to find the missing slime ingredients because they were stolen,” COSI on Wheels Outreach Programs Manager Nicole Rife told The Evening Leader.

To find the ingredients, she said, the students had to use chemistry, identifying acids and bases, determining unknown substances and decoding an invisible message.

“The students did an awesome job, and they solved the mystery,” Rife said.

“They all get to make slime today.”

After the morning assembly, each grade level had a chance to do several experiments set up in the gym.

“They get to explore the stations and test out the experiments at their own pace,” Rife said, noting each grade level had 30 minutes to visit the stations.

“All of them are chemistry-based, and most of them are related to what we did in the assembly.”

In the stations, students tested the pH levels of several different liquids, wrote their own secret message, tested the density of different objects and made their own slime, among other experiments.

Rife noted COSI on Wheels provides students with a “fun” science experience.

“Our goal is to really get the kids excited about science,” she said.

“We know not all of them are going to go on to become scientists, but we get them excited about learning.”

COSI on Wheels provides elementary students the opportunity to do experiments they may not have been able to do otherwise, Rife added.

“The great thing about this program is the kids can do the experiments here that they wouldn’t be able to do in the classroom,” she said.

“They have so much fun with it, and they do retain some of the information that they learn ... These kids have a lot of fun, and we have fun learning with them.”

New Bremen Elementary is able to continue to host COSI on Wheels because of the support from Cardinal Pride. For more information about COSI on Wheels, visit