Charge Filed In Case

ST. MARYS — A Florida man faces a minor misdemeanor charge as the result of allegedly shooting a dog as it became aggressive, dumping its body into Grand Lake St. Marys and failing to notify the proper authorities.

According to Auglaize County Municipal Court documents, Mardie L. Biederman, of Panama City Beach, Fla., has been issued a summons to appear in court for killing a dog that bit a person in order to prevent further injury and failing to do either or both of the following — immediately after killing the dog, notifying the board of health for the district in which the bite occurred and/or holding the body of the dog so it could be tested for rabies. A violation of that statute is a minor misdemeanor.

In a state complaint filed Tuesday by Auglaize County Dog Warden Russ Bailey, on May 4 at the Rustic Haven Campground, a dog by the name of Tia — a white pit bull mix — became aggressive and bit a female, causing an injury to her lip and a black eye. Biederman attempted to restrain the dog but the dog became more aggressive. At that point, Biederman retrieved a gun and allegedly shot the dog. After it was shot the first time, the dog returned to the cage, where Biederman allegedly shot it a second time.

The dog died inside the cage. Biederman then allegedly dumped the dog and cage into Grand Lake St. Marys.

"Biederman did not report the bite or death of the dog as required in Ohio Revised Code 955.261 section three and Biederman did not notify the board of health for the district in which the bite occurred of the facts relating to the bite and killing," Bailey wrote in the complaint. "Biederman also did not hold the body of the dog until the board of health claimed the dog for performing tests for rabies as required in that section."

Biederman has been ordered to appear in Municipal Court at 2 p.m. July 3. A minor misdemeanor is punishable by a maximum fine of $100.

The dog and cage were found near the campground on June 2. Information found on the cage led officials to Biederman, who at that point was called a person of interest.