Cat Excels In The Outfield

MINSTER — As a first grader playing his first season of tee ball, Max Huber says he aspired to be like his father.

His father played catcher for the University of Findlay’s baseball team for a few years, and his love for the sport was inspiration and motivation for Huber. Huber played for fun and to be with all his friends, who were also playing tee ball at the time.

“We always had a good time at the ballpark,” Huber said. “So, I guess it was something that we could do together.”

Competitiveness is often intrinsic to high school sports, but Huber said the game is still as fun for him now, in his senior year playing varsity for the Wildcats, as it was when he was 6.

Huber plays left field — the outfield has always been his favorite position. He fits there, he said. Although younger children have been known to pick flowers and play in the grass when placed in outfield, Huber said it takes a good arm and good judgment of the ball and where it is going to be good at it. Speed is also a factor.

“Baseball’s not that hard of a sport,” Huber said. “You just have to go out there and be confident and show everyone that you’re good enough.”

His best catch ever came during a game against Wapakoneta last season.

“I think they had some guys on base, and we were up by one or so, and I had, like, a diving catch in the outfield for the third out in the inning,” he said. “So, I got us out of a jam.”

The game ended up being close, but Minster pulled out a win.

There are several seniors on the team this year, he said, and a lot of talent, as there has been the last few years. Since Huber has been at Minster they have won two state championships. Two years ago, during the state championship game in Columbus, the Wildcats won on a walk-off hit.

“It’s when it’s tied and you go into the last inning,” Huber said. “We were the home team, so we bat last, and one of our players went up there…and he hit a single to score the game-winning run.”

Huber hopes that his team is able to get another banner to hang in the high school this year. He plans to attend the University of Cincinnati after graduation, and thinks he may study business marketing.

The end of his high school baseball career will mark the last of his competitive days playing the sport, but Huber said the confidence and strong relationships with the coaches and teammates he has gained will stay with him — along with four years of good memories.