BOE OKs Fees

ST. MARYS — Students in the St. Marys School District will now have to pay fees to participate in school-sponsored activities.

Members of the board of education passed a measure authorizing a pay-to-participate plan during Wednesday night’s board meeting. Under the plan, the participation fee for a student’s first sport is $100, $75 for the second sport and $50 more for the third sport. The fee to participate in a middle school musical or play is $50, and $75 to participate in a high school musical or play. It will cost students $25 per show choir group they join.

Marching band, concert band and concert choir will not have participation fees, and cheerleading fees will be the same as for all other sports.

Members also approved the St. Marys City Schools five-year forecast, which Treasurer Tom Sommer explained.

“The one thing I noted, back in October, when we approved the forecast ... we had a forecast of expenditures and excess of revenues about $1.5 million for this fiscal year,” he said.

“On this forecast, we’re showing it at $1.6 million. Why it went up that amount was due to (the fact that) we had 18 staff members retiring this year so there was quite a bit of severance that was paid.”

Also approved during the meeting were various changes to the 2013-2014 lunch prices. The price of lunches for students in grades K-5 increased from $2.15 to $2.25, and the price of lunches for students in grades 6-12 went up from $2.60 to $2.70.