Bobby Kennedy wins Governor's Cup Regatta

CELINA — Bobby Kennedy ended Dan Kanfoush’s reign as holder of the Governor’s Cup, halting years of frustratingly close finishes.

Kennedy won via tiebreaker over four-time Governor’s Cup and three-time defending champion Kanfoush this weekend at the hydroplane racing event on  Grand Lake St. Marys.

Kennedy has finished second to his younger cousin Brandon in 2008 and often to Kanfoush.

“It just seemed like a bunch of short people kept stopping me from winning this — my cousin and Dan Kanfoush,” Kennedy joked, drawing a laugh from a the crowd.

Kennedy raced and won in two different boats, 2.5 litre and 5 litre, over the weekend. When accepting the trophy for each class win, he slipped into the two different shirts.

It was the orange one from his 2.5 litre stock team that proved to be the right fit for hoisting the cup.

It’s a bookend to Kanfoush’s run at the event, as well. Kanfoush, the upstate New Yorker who drove Jim Sechler’s boat to wins in the last three events,  is retiring at the end of this season.

“My hats off to Jim Sechler and Dan Kanfoush,” Kennedy said. “What a hell of a run in that boat for 10 years. They were unstoppable.”

Division winners were  Dan Kanfoush in 1 litre,  Bobby Kennedy in 2.5 litre stock,  Bobby Kennedy in 5 litre and  John Jenkins in Grand National Hydroplane.