Boaters Shocked By Live Wire

"Leader Look Back" is a collection of stories and headlines from 75, 50 and 25 years ago this week. This week's edition examines stories from June 12 to June 18, 1937, 1962 and 1987.

75 years ago: Two boaters on Lake St. Marys received shocks from a live wire running from their boat to a pumper.

St. Marys City Councilors passed an ordinance that established new electric rates for residents. The measure reduced the light bill for most in town.

Hundreds of anglers hit Lake St. Marys for the opening of bass season. The east bank was lined with scores of people.

Auglaize County Engineer Vennard P. Killian submitted plans for the High Street river bridge. The plan awaited approval of the commissioners before construction could start. Officials sought the new bridge because they believed the new structure, and a resurfaced High street, would reduce the traffic on Spring Street.

50 years ago: John Holtzapple Jr., 15, accidentally shot himself with a .22 caliber rifle. The bullet entered his left, upper chest, struck his shoulder blade and lodged behind his lung. The bullet did not strike any vital organs and he survived.

The St. Marys Community Public Library received a $500 gift from the estate of Edith M. Stoker, a former teacher from St. Marys City Schools. The funds were earmarked for books on science and the humanities.

St. Marys unveiled a slogan —  "Located in St. Marys, Ohio, where living is a pleasure" — that was placed on trailers from St. Marys Trucking Company.  Similar decals also were available at the chamber of commerce office.

New Bremen Village Councilors voted to place a 5-mill renewal levy on the ballot for village voters. Revenue collected from the proposed levy was to go toward maintenance, extension and replacement of sewer lines.

The city of St. Marys gained 223 people since the 1960 census. The population, as of Jan. 1, 1962, was 7,960 —  compared to 7,737 in 1960. Auglaize County increased from 36,147 to 37,139 during the same time period.

25 years ago: A delegation of St. Marys officials returned from a visit to the city's sister city in Japan — Hokudan.

A fire damaged Little Caesar's Pizza, located at 1460 Celina Road, in St. Marys. Flames shot out of the roof as the fire department responded with two pumper trucks, an equipment truck and 13 firefighters. The fire was believed to have been caused by an electrical issue.

Three New Bremen Girl Scouts — Jenny Angles, Karen Brooks and Michele Holmer — received the Gold Award.

The New Bremen Board of Education approved a change to the code of conduct for student-athletes regarding the use and possession of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. A first offense resulted in a one game suspension, a second offense resulted in a two season suspension and a third offense resulted in a suspension for the rest of an athlete's high school career. Students could petition to the athletic council for reinstatement upon successful completion of an alcohol or drug counseling program.