Board Talks Plans

ST. MARYS — The St. Marys Community Public Library Building Committee met Friday afternoon to address a list of concerns and prioritize its projects.

As discussed in the August Board of Trustees meeting, the air conditioning bearing above St. Marys Community Public Library Director Sue Pittman’s office was recommended to be replaced.

“When they came to do the maintenance, and they do maintenance about three times a year, when they were working on the air conditioning above my office, the whole building shook,” Pittman said. “Something was definitely out of sync with it. It was loud. They recommended that it would be less of an expense if we would get the bearings taken care of.”

The project is expected to cost approximately $1,198 and would include removing the existing fan motor from the rooftop unit, providing and installing the new motor bearing to fix the motor, reinstalling the fan motor and a test start.

During the same inspection, it was recommended that the coils in air conditioning unit 3 in the children’s section also be replaced for a cost of approximately $2,000.

The problem with the air conditioning in the children’s area has caused higher temperatures and humidity in that area of the library.

“They have to find where the hole is, and they have to test it and they have to put the fluid in it and make it work,” Pittman said. “We have not had decent humidity in the children’s area for a few years, and humidity is an enemy of books.”

Also inside the library, Pittman noted the tile floors in the library have never been waxed, and she had a quote of $318 to have the copy room, meeting room kitchen, the restroom in the staff lounge and the hallway outside the staff lounge waxed. She was waiting on separate quote for the two public restrooms and the staff restrooms because they have a different type of tile.

Outside the library, the sidewalks along South Street have become uneven because of the tree roots growing underneath the concrete.

“Craig (Moeller) said that the city could come if we wanted them to and they could take down four of the five trees on South Street,” Pittman said. “We’ve got really cracked pavement out there, and with SummerFest, I was a little concerned about somebody falling. They don’t want to take the fifth one down because it’s not presenting a problem.”

The city would remove the trees and their stumps at no charge, however the library would have to cover the cost of replacing the sidewalk, which Pittman was told would cost approximately $1,000.

Committee members also discussed putting a bulletin board in the lobby, cleaning the carpets, replacing the floor electrical outlet covers in the meeting room, removing the trees in front of the library that are causing an uneven sidewalk and having its art collection appraised.

St. Marys Community Public Library Fiscal Officer Stephanie Hoffer explained the library’s budget to committee members, noting that approximately $4,000 is available this year for building maintenance/equipment.

Committee member DeWayne Marsee said he felt it was important to make sure improvements were made to the building.

“I know that was part of the campaign when we went for the levy was to make sure that we did the building improvements that we haven’t done in the past because the money wasn’t there, so we’re definitely going to have to look at those things,” he said.

Committee members agreed that because of the safety issue of the cracked and uneven sidewalks on South Street, having the trees removed is a priority. Marsee noted the importance of also taking care of the bearings above Pittman’s office.

“I would say the bearings, that needs to be done because once the bearings go out on that, it’s just going to wear down the shaft on the motor and you can’t do anything,” he said.

Committee members agreed to send a recommendation to the board to have the trees along South Street removed, the bearings above Pittman’s office replaced and to wax the floors.

The next regular meeting of the St. Marys Community Public Library Board of Trustees is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Sept. 12 at the library.