Board To Host Community Meeting

NEW BREMEN — In an effort to keep the community involved and informed of its decisions regarding the new elementary building project, a local board of education will again hold a community meeting.

The New Bremen Board of Education will host its second community meeting at 7 p.m. Dec. 14 in the old gym. The meeting, President Keith Bornhorst said, will update area residents on the progress of the project, including a preliminary building design.

“We want to have a second community informational meeting to update them (area residents) on our changes that we’ve made and additional information that has come out with respect to the building project,” Bornhorst said. “For example, if you look at the levy, when we initially presented, it was at 38 years but now that we’ve gotten revised numbers, it’s going to be a 33-year loan at 7.3 mills. We also still owe the public a few different pieces of information on different questions they asked.”

Bornhorst also noted that community members that were unable to attend the first meeting will be able to tour the elementary building after the informational session.

“If anybody was unable to get a tour last time, we’ll have this follow-up information and an optional tour after the meeting for anyone that couldn’t make it the first time through,” he said.

Board members also passed two resolutions Monday night regarding the elementary building project. The first was a resolution to proceed.

“That says we’re going to proceed with this bond issue, it’ll be on the March ballot,” Treasurer Deb Meyer said. “It’ll be a $13 million bond issue and it’ll be 7.3 mills for 33 years.”

The second resolution the board passed was a resolution to cease collection of the current permanent improvement levy. Meyer noted that if the levy passes, the school will no longer collect its 0.75 mill permanent improvement levy, as discussed in last month’s board meeting.

“The second one (resolution) is in conjunction with the first,” Meyer said. “Part of that first one says that we’re going to approve a 1 mill levy for the maintenance of the buildings, and that’s required by the OSFC, at least a 0.5 mill is. The second one says that if we pass for 1 mill rather than 0.5 mill, we will cease the collections of the current PI that’s already on the books.”

Meyer said the resolution would save taxpayers 0.25 mills.

“We’ve got a 1 mill PI on the books,” Meyer said. “It’s a five-year and it’s collecting on residential ag at about 0.75 right now. That one we will no longer collect so that the increase to the taxpayers would only be a 0.25 mill rather than a 0.5 mill that the OSFC would require.”

Meyer said if the levy fails, nothing will change.

“It’s all on one ballot,” she said. “If the one passes, then we cease collections. If this doesn’t pass, then we don’t cease collections.”

Board members met in executive session to discuss employment, and no action was taken when they reconvened in regular session.

In other business, board members:

• Approved the minutes of the regular Oct. 12 meeting.

• Approved the minutes of the building committee meeting on Oct. 24.

• Approved the General Fund and Lunchroom fund paid bills.

• Amended the estimated revenue and appropriations of fund 451 (OneNET Connectivity) by $400 to $3,600 and the appropriations of fund 001-9901 (General Fund — Educational Materials Set Aside) by $6,640.72 to $12,267.47.

• Accepted the resignation of Howard Overman, junior high girls basketball facility coordinator.

• Approved the employment of Stephanie Elking, junior high girls basketball facility coordinator.

• Approved the superintendent’s recommendations.

The next regular New Bremen Board of Education meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 7.

 in the community room.