Board To Get Timeline

ST. MARYS — Members of a local board of education’s committee will be presenting a tentative hiring timeline to the full board at its next meeting to search for its next head official.

Members of the St. Marys Board of Education Personnel Committee took the first step in beginning the hiring process for the district’s next superintendent — setting to put up the job posting later this week.

“What we would like to discuss today are a couple things,” committee member Ralph Wiley said to kick off Tuesday’s meeting. “We’d like to talk about a timeline with what the thoughts are for the posting, how we want to make the posting.”

He noted a brochure Business Manager Kurt Kuffner developed to go along with the posting with information that has been used in the past, such as facts about the district and the city of St. Marys. The brochure also listed a tentative timeline for the hiring process.

“One of the things I wanted to discuss was adding a phrase or something, not terming the application process that we would continue to accept applications,” Wiley said.

“Clearly when we get to a point where we’ve got a group of applications and as a committee we’re reviewing them and making the recommendation to the full board for their consideration or the process of the full board narrowing that list, however we’re going to do that, that we continue to accept applications, that we just don’t want to deny potential candidates ... We had some that came in by fax after office hours and on a Saturday the last time, and I think we want to make sure we don’t discount any candidates that are qualified just because maybe they only see the posting the last day and don’t have time to prepare for it.”

Curriculum Director Bill Steinbrunner noted the district can add “or until filled” on the tentative schedule, which was listed as March 1 in the tentative timeline in Kuffner’s brochure, which could change.

“The other thing I think we want to include in here, where it says interviews begin, is some sort of community involvement,” Wiley added.

Kuffner noted there was a meet and greet scheduled with former Superintendent Ken Baker after he was hired. Wiley suggested having community members participate in some sort of question-and-answer session during the interview process.

“I think the way we did with the last one where we asked board members to all choose five people to participate in the process when it was narrowed down by the board, you’re going to hit different townships, different interests within the community,” Wiley said, also suggesting the board have a tentative discussion at its meeting next week proposing the tentative timeline. “As far as the committee goes, we should get the posting out there so that we’re starting to receive those applications. Kurt has a tentative timetable ... The board can firm up that timetable and set dates at the next meeting as to when we want to pick and mark this. The ultimate goal I think is, and maybe I’m wrong, would be to have our final two candidates, our final candidate or our final determination at the personnel meeting in April.”

Committee members agreed to get the posting on the district’s website on Friday.

“This is pretty much all we can do until the rest of the board gets together for its final discussion,” Wiley said. “I think it’s important that we give ourselves into April — it will tie in well with the personnel meeting.”

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the St. Marys Board of Education will be at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 8 in the auditorium at the high school/middle school.