Band Cranks Up Tunes

MINSTER — Residents at Heritage Manor in Minster were treated to a live concert Wednesday night.

The Rev. Jim “Jimmy-Do” Slone makes his living cleaning, lives clean and leads a band that only plays clean venues, Slone said Wednesday night after Third Generation played for residents of Heritage Manor Nursing Center.

“We like good clean fun,” Slone said. “We don’t drink or cut up. At least, not anymore.”

Third Generation is a bluegrass and country music band that originally had three generations of Slones — Jim Slone, his son Benjy Slone, and his grandson.

After the grandson left the band to pursue music professionally, the group gained member Roy Long, on the banjo, but kept the name.

The band is still a family endeavor.

“I played all my life,” Jim Slone said. “My son played all his life.”

Long said even though he’s not in Slone’s family, he was also grew up around music.

“It’s just a desire, actually that runs in the family,” he said. “Singing especially.”

He said he quit for 20 years, however, and restarted in 2008.

“My dad died,” he said. “Dad always liked bluegrass.”

He said he felt like he should try to take up the banjo again and try not to waste any potential.

Benjy Slone, who plays bass guitar, said the attraction of playing for him was to spend time with the family, and that was something that was easier for him while playing music.

Unlike the others, he likes to stay out of the spotlight.

“Did you see me hiding out,” he said, alluding to his being in a chair away from the rest of the group and avoiding cameras.

The group released a CD in February 2009, and has a Facebook page.

“To be a good musician you have to play from the heart,” Jim Slone said.