Annual Jam Benefits Wapakoneta Boy

ST. MARYS — For six years, residents and area musicians have joined together to open their hearts for one person.

Bill “Blood” Jolliff has put on “Blood’s Heart Jam” ever since he was the recipient of a fundraiser.

“Mine was in 2006,” Jolliff said of his quadruple bypass surgery. “I started them after that. This will be my sixth one.”

“Blood’s Heart Jam 2011” kicks off this afternoon at Varsity Lanes.

“The doors open at 3 p.m. and the first band is at 4 p.m.,” Jolliff said. “There’s a band every hour.”

Tonight’s entertainment fundraiser features the following bands: Free Rider, Game Face, Rakkitt, Off Beat, Chip Brogan/Lay’n Low, Effexor, Tha Teaze, DNA, Jimmy Drywall and Sandy Hook.

“They’re all bands from the local area,” Jolliff noted.

Each heart jam features a person to be the beneficiary of the funds raised during the night. This year’s recipient is 3-year-old Devin Stuttler of Wapakoneta.

“At first, I had somebody else in mind but they weren’t really heart-related,” Jolliff said. “A phlebotomist at the hospital, she told me about Devin, and I got a hold of Devin’s mother.”

Devin, Jolliff said, has already undergone multiple surgeries at his young age.

“He had three heart surgeries before he was two, and he’s got a blood clot by his heart right now,” Jolliff said. “I’ve met him — you would never know. He runs around like a normal kid.”

All of the proceeds from tonight’s jam will go toward Devin for his medical bills.

“People should come to help him pay his bills,” Jolliff said.

In addition to hearing 10 bands, attendees can also win door prizes and be part of the 50/50 drawing.

“Everybody’s been generous,” Jolliff said. “The hotel gave us a room, Moran’s gave us a stove. I think it’s going to be a big one.”

He noted they have collected numerous prizes to give away.

“Blood’s Heart Jam 2011” will be held in the back of Varsity Lanes in J-Bird’s Lounge.

“Weather-permitting, they’re going to have the patio open,” Jolliff said.