Anglers Hit Canal For Trophies

NEW BREMEN — Young anglers lined the Miami and Erie Canal in New Bremen Saturday morning for an annual festival fishing derby.

The Bremenfest Fishing Derby kicked off at 10:30 a.m. Saturday and ran until noon, and the young anglers found success pulling large and small fish from the canal, including a variety of catfish and bass. While small fish were caught on a regular basis during the derby, talk of a 26-inch catfish being caught circled the canal.

Gretchen Langsdon, 8, caught two fish in the first hour of the derby. Gretchen, whose parents taught her how to fish, has a trick to lure fish to her hook.

“I use two worms,” Gretchen told The Evening Leader.

Across the canal, Kira Bertke, 10, also caught two fish in the first hour of the derby, having success moving her fishing pole around to attract fish.

“It’s called jigging,” Kira said as she tugged lightly on her pole.

Fishing, she said, is in the family.

“My dad taught me,” she said.

Ben Sailer, 7, and Sam Sailer, 9, also caught two fish each. Sam said the two learned how to fish at their grandparent’s house.

“I learned in Minnesota with my grandma and grandpa,” Sam said, noting his grandparents had a pond.

A regular fisherman, Ben noted his favorite part of fishing.

“I like catching the fish,” Ben said.

Cousins Brooke Garringer, 3, and Austin Kunk, 3, were also enjoying their morning fishing, learning a few fishing techniques.

Austin said he was excited about his most recent catch, a 10-inch catfish.

“I caught a big catfish,” Austin said, spreading his arms wide to display the length of his fish.

Brooke, who said she had caught a smaller fish earlier, noted her favorite part of fishing.

“Sitting in the shade,” she said.